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Your Career, your Way..

Design and Implement your career in way which you like.

we are here to train, track & navigate you in a right path.

Catch you dreams, be innovative & impressive.....

Many  Development options available to

design your career in a perfect way.....

Self-Assessment Specific tools to help you better understand and assess yourself, your desires and your goals. These results will be the basis for the type of personalized career accompaniment you’ll receive, based on whether you're matched up as a Hunter or Explorer MBA.

One-on-one Career Coaching. One-on-one coaching sessions are available and tailored to give you the support and feedback you need to achieve your goals: helping you to develop your career strategy and being ready to face important meetings and interviews through your time in the MBA program and job search process.

Recruiting Events. Some of the events that help MBAs secure jobs are represented by our Careers' Day Event and our Company visits on the campus. We regularly invite corporations and top decision makers in different industrial contexts to the campus to speak and meet you.

Career Workshops. To help you tackle the job market also means working on areas to optimize your choices and chances of succeeding in your ideal career. To achieve this we hold many regular small group workshops among which CV and Cover Letter Writing Workshops, Matching Yourself to the Market Workshops, Alumni Seminars involving alums and MBA monitors from within your areas of interest.

Access to Alumni. Alumni are available to mentor and meet you at various times during (and after) the MBA program, via workshops, campus conferences, our online internal resources, Treks, trips etc. As a 2IP MBA student, you’ll be connected to over 52,000 alumni around the world.

Global Treks. We travel internationally with you to some of the top corporations to meet with alumni and HR teams. Thanks to such a diverse student body and alumni network, we annually make Treks providing a closer look at some of the corporations you’d like to work with, as well as present the networking opportunity with the alums with this industry or country. 

Professional Clubs. Peer support is available through our Professional Clubs which provides a supportive and stimulating environment with other MBAs. You’ll have conferences and monthly activities around your areas of interest in a professional - yet fun! - setting. Our monthly speaker series welcomes speakers from within each industry/sector.